Produced for On the Verge’s ‘Underpasses – Connecting People, Connecting Places’ project, My MK marks the 50 year history of the town of Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire, England. The cover of the newspaper rebuffs Milton Keynes’ reputation as ‘grey, dull, Brutalist’ – My MK is a celebration of its overlooked urban design, as well as the area’s little-known archaeological heritage.

Through artwork, archival photographs, poetry and letters, the newspaper encourages the people of Milton Keynes to explore, and embrace, what’s special about where they live. More specifically, it’s meant to encourage young people, aged 11–16, to participate in a dialogue about their town.

The zine format leant itself well to our flexible, non-linear, approach. Being rather irreverent as well, we hope it will engage a readership used to consuming bite-size nuggets of information.

Written by Rachel Barnett

Studio Chehade